About the abbey

Welcome to Keizersberg Abbey, where everyone feels at home

Anyone needing renewal and quiet time loves to come here. And for students, too, Keizersberg is the place to be. They are looking for sustainable connection, with themselves and others. Keizersberg is a beacon of peace and reflection, in a world dominated by chaos and complexity.

Above all the courtyard, an oasis surrounded by four imposing wings of the abbey, appears to be a dynamic meeting place for cross-pollination among the worldly and the contemplative. A magnet for surprise and discovery. Because we are all different, each with our own motivations and our own story. And at the same time, we are all looking for the essential, for what substantially connects us.

Keizersberg also lends its name to an old legend. Julius Caesar is believed to have attended the wedding of his niece, here, on this ironstone-like hill. Other sources state that the Emperor Charles V once established a zoo here.

What we do know is that at the end of the 19th century, the abbey was built on the ruins of a medieval ducal fortress. The abbey entered official use in 1899 with 9 Benedictine monks. Initially the building served as student housing for the students of the abbey school of Maredsous and other monasteries. Since 1968, Keizersberg has provided accommodation to 75 university students of the Catholic University of Leuven. And it still fulfils the role of student residence today, … and soon, after the renovation of the peda, to become even more dedicated. Caring and protective, contemporary and worldly, unusual and hospitable.

About the renovation

Together, we keep this place of connection intact

To be able to continue to fulfil its function in the future, the abbey needs further renovation. The renovation of the north wing is almost complete. But we need at least 3 million euros more for the west wing. So the abbey community is setting up a crowdfunding function by launching a unique “limited edition” beer: Konnektus In total, 80,000 tasting boxes will be available, consisting of 6 bottles and 2 glasses.

Just like the abbey, the beer brings people together. Konnektus invites conversation and reflection when enjoyed with friends. Within the dialogue, the beer creates space to discover real life and your place in it. It is constraint and blossoming, humility and grandeur in one. Simultaneously the earthly and the divine. And because every person is different, you can choose from 3 variations. Which makes the voyage of discovery even more exciting. Ad connectum!


Taste the Keizersberg philosophy? Celebrate the connection. Crown the bond.

Konnektus is an approachable top-fermented beer with its own character. It is inviting and connecting in various ways. Konnektus allows you to reach out, but also to immerse yourself in self-reflection or just even be zen. That’s why it comes in three variations.

Konnektus Humanity

Life’s better blonde. You’re rush to stereotypes disappears when you bring your lips reverently to a glass of Konnektus “Humanity” . Its clear golden colour, thin white head and beautiful effervescence reveal the beauty of life. This self-assured top-fermented blonde beer unites a citrus note with floral accents of at least 4 types of hops – for a subtle bitterness (55IBU), but a strong finish. Authentic, pure and warm: “Humanity” is the ideal beer for bringing people together. For the joining of hands.
Content: 33cl // Alcohol: 6.5%

Konnektus Harmony

Just like real life, Konnektus ‘Harmony’ is bittersweet. After a maturation of two years, you’ll taste the strength of patients in this top-fermented beer. Behind the deep reddish brown colour, smooth foamy head and glowing effervescence there is a heart-warming flavour, alternating with a soft sour note and dry-bitter aromas. Very refreshing, with a pronounced thirst quenching finished. In addition to the sourness, the rather subtle bitterness is noticeable through the use of deep-roasted malts and light aromatic hops. “Harmony” guarantees a moment of intense enjoyment and harmony, best enjoyed together with others.
Content: 33cl // Alcohol: 5.5%

Konnektus Unity

In unity, there is strength… In the case of the multi-grain triple Konnektus ‘Unity’ unity means oneness. Unity in raw materials. Unity in aromas. So the precious hop varieties and carefully chosen yeast varieties result in a fruity and floral flavour. Pure enjoyment. Aromas of citrus, grapefruit, coriander and cloves are united again in this blond top-fermented beer, with subsequent bottle fermentation. “Unity” enriches and binds the spirit with a subtle wholeheartedness. An ideal beer to enjoy together.
Content: 33cl // Alcohol: 7.5%


Our project is still fermenting. Leave you e-mail address and we will keep you updated.


Enjoy with friends and support our renovation

Konnektus is only available in a gift box with six bottles and two 15-cl glasses – Because you should never enjoy a Konnektus alone. You will be supporting the renovation of the Keizersberg Abbey when you buy it. Each box contains 2 bottles of each type (Humanity, Harmony and Unity) and costs €25.

To buy 1 to 10 boxes, you can visit one of our points of sales. You will not have to order beforehand. We will not be able to send it to you.

Would you like to order more than 10 boxes? Fill in the form below. You can pick up your order at the abbey by appointment.

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